About Us

Just a quick introduction about Writelah!

  1. We cover books, music and movies that are  mainly by Malaysians. Occasionally, we may feature non-local talent which we think may be of interest.
  2. The stuff we review may not be new releases. We are hoping to also review older material which can help generate fresh awareness now. (For example. A book which may have been published a few years back but still in print.)
  3. The “I” used in our articles is the collective voice of our team. Rather than write articles that state “we” or “our company” or “our team”, we just prefer using, I. We feel it’s simple, personal and makes it easier to read. So thoughts of an article may come from many different people unless the author is specifically credited in the article.
  4. Our style of writing is very informal and conversational. Please do not expect news-like writing or articles.
  5. This project is self-funded and though we don’t seek any financial sponsors at the moment, we wouldn’t mind being provided materials for reviews (e.g books, events etc.)

If you would like to share your thoughts or got something for us to review, please drop us an email at editor@writelah.com or use the form on our contact page.