How to buy a copy of the new book “Curi-curi Malaysia”?


I was quite excited when I heard that Citizen Nades’s “Curi-Curi Malaysia” was released. I’ve been a big fan of his columns and articles.

I tried searching on Google and was not able to find anywhere to buy it. So I decided to stop by Silverfish in Bangsar Village hoping they’ll have a copy. The store assistant mentioned that they were trying to get copies themselves for sale from the publisher. Sigh!

Took a long shot and posted a comment on his Facebook page. He was kind enough to point me to the site selling it online.

Click here to buy the book online @Bookurve

Just ordered my copy. It’s RM40 and free postage! Excerpt from the seller:

Award-winning investigative journalist R. Nadeswaran reveals how he exposed weaknesses and abuse in the system in this explosive book. Leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth, he describes his skirmishes with officialdom; his trials and tribulations with spin doctors; and his confrontation with civil servants. In his own no-holds-barred writing style, he explains his role as a watchdog of and for the people.

Nadeswaran has been a journalist for 45 years of which he spent 17 years in theSun which published his twice-weekly columns since 2004 until his retirement recently. Although the chapters relate to the many stories he had exposed, it also contains hitherto unpublished material including letters and exchange of electronic mail.

If you are free this Friday, you can catch the author at a book signing and discussion. Details below:

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