Comic Paradise to continue publishing Malay-translated Manga?


Most Malaysian manga fans were upset with the recent closure of both Comic House & Tora Aman, who produced Malay translations of popular Japanese comics. This meant that fans could no longer purchase these books and would need to rely on English translations, which were quite expensive.

However, there seems to be a new publishing house that is slowly re-releasing some Malay-translated manga. Comic Paradise has been around for some time selling Anime figurines and some selected Manga.

They’ve recently decided to reprint the Mutiara Naga series (Dragon Ball) and have released six volumes to date. The series has over 40 volumes. According to some fans who have spoken to their staff, they will be releasing three volumes every two-weeks or so. Each volume is priced at RM7.00. The volumes appear to be an exact re-print of Comic House’s translated version.

Mutiara Naga on sale at Comic Paradise

A complete set of Mutiara Naga published by Comic House previously, sells for about RM400-RM700 in the secondary market, so the reprint of these comics have been highly welcomed by fans.

In fact, Comic Paradise, upon announcing the reprint of the Dragon Ball series received over 500 new messages on their Facebook!

Source: Comic Paradise Facebook Page

They also released the latest volume of Conan (previously released by Tora Aman) but unfortunately it was in Bahasa Indonesia. A new volume of Budak Getah (One Piece, previously published by Comic House) was also published but it received a lot of negative feedback from fans as the translation seemed to be in Bahasa Indonesia again.

It appears that Comic House has received a lot of feedback by fans and there will be improvement in future releases.

For those who are interested to purchase these comics, you can head to their outlets below.

They are also accepting orders via Whatsapp. You can also message them via their Facebook page.

For those who are interested in exploring some local comic talents, we will be featuring a series of reviews in the coming few days. Don’t forget to check those out. The Malaysian comic industry is thriving and we are thrilled to be sharing some excellent comics with you soon.

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