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Do you even Thaipusam?

This is a mock-u-mentary featuring Velmuruganzz whose character is based on the negatively stereotyped young Thaipusam goer. We glorified the condemned elements as he brings us around to witness the celebration first hand a la Velmuruganzz.

This short film has a creative story-line and some good acting. The hand-held shaky camera style further adds a lot of character to it. The message is clear, though I am afraid there might be a group of people who actually take it seriously and not realise it is a satirical piece. Seems to happen often these days.

Written and Directed by Gogularaajan
Edited by Kumanavannan and Gogularaajan
Music by Krishnaa David
Cast : Kumanavannan, Charles Roberts, Krishnaa Selvam, Santhoshana Palaniandy , Navindran , Sashsi Elan.

Charles Nilbert Philip Roberts, who plays one of the characters in the film is definitely someone to look out for in the local scene. I remember him from Hamlet, which was staged at klpac in 2016. You can read more about him on

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