From a nobody to a somebody


by Simren Deep Kaur

Talented flautist Nikhil Ram will blow your mind away with his versions of your favourite hits

There he was on stage, the air from his lungs creating sweet melodies as it flowed through the various wind instruments he brought to his lips. No one had heard of him before, but everyone went home a fan of flautist Nikhil Ram after Mojo Project’s Retro Rahman concert few months ago.

Due to popular demand, Nikhil is back for MILFF 2018 and we managed to catch up with the sweet, shy dude from Kerala, India.

Magic fingers

“Let me tell you this, I never thought I would be sitting down with a writer, for an interview, answering all these questions,” he coyly said as we begun. Unbelievably true, it was his very first interview, ever. Greatlah Writelah! ☺

His musical journey began at home. Nikhil’s Dad was a tabla sessionist for Malayalam movies, and so his love for music grew since he was 5. However, he only started playing the flute when he was 18 years old, having learnt the table from Dad all the way.

Not too bad looking too

How has Mojo Projects impacted your career?
I have never got an experience like this ever it’s all NOTHING BUT MAGIC! The support, the platform, and not forgetting the wonderful audience and love given by them to me that night. It was truly an honor for every single shout and scream from the crowd which made me more energetic and hyped up. Malaysia audience has been the best by far to me. I have always been at the background, but I was recognized here. It’s totally an amazing, magical experience and not forgetting it’s also the wonderful having to play songs by AR Rahman sir that night.

What’s are your plans as a background music artist?
I will never say I’m a perfectionist in the instruments I play. I would love to learn and gain deeper insights into the instruments and its beauty.

Who would you love/dream to work with in the music industry?
EVERYONE! (laughs) Why I say this is because everyone has their own style, genre and magical creations. Working with all will be my dream.

What other instruments do you play?
I can play the tabla, harmonium and saxophone.

Secretly, I found out that you have another talent — pencil drawing. Where did you learn it from?
(With a huge laugh) My Mom. She has not taught me, but it came from her, she draws beautifully, and I am blessed to get it from her.

So, there you have it. Our quick insight into the life of the talented Nikhil Ram. Check his Instagram out for details about him @nikhilramtp

Here’s a video from our interview:

Get your tickets to the Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival (MILFF 2018) at or call 012-2000505. Quick, it’s happening tonight at StarXpo KWC Kenanga City, Kuala Lumpur. Catch Nikhil there as he backs up the genius Sean Roldan. Joining them on stage is funky Benny Dayal, jazzy Andrea Jeremiah, virtuous Rajhesh Vaidhya and many more.

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