Get your local fix from Fixi’s new store

Photo from Kedai Fixi’s Facebook Page

Late last year, Fixi announced that they were temporarily closing down their physical shop at Jaya One. They continued to sell books through their online store ( and subsequently opened a new brick and mortar store at Sunway Putra Mall in December. If you go to the mall though, you will need to locate the Asian Avenue to find the store. This section of the mall is a bit hidden and you may easily miss it.

Fixi announced today that their second store (Kedai Fixi) is now opened at Commune @ Sunway Velocity! They are open daily from 10am to 10pm.

What is Kedai Fixi?

Kedai Fixi is a bookstore that is owned by publishing house Fixi. They carry titles from Buku Fixi, Fixi Novo (local English Books), Fixi Mono (non-fiction), Fixi Retro (reprints of old Malay-language classics), and also Fixi Verso (Malay translations of current international books).

Store locations:

1. L4.24&25, Level 4, Sunway Putra Mall, KL
2. L5-03K, Commune Level 5, Sunway Velocity Mall, KL

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