Gila-Gila magazine celebrates its 40th year with a special bumper edition


For those who are not familiar, Gila-Gila is a satirical comic monthly that features local artists published in Bahasa Malaysia. It’s somewhat similar to Mad magazine. The magazine was extremely popular in the 80s and 90s and provided much laughter to Malaysians with its political satire and social commentary presented through a myriad of characters.

Gila-Gila Issue #54, 1980

The digital age definitely took a toll on the magazines sales, just like how it impacted most print media. Whilst it is still published monthly, the volume has significantly dropped as there are many more option for readers these days. Many readers prefer digital editions as well. (Note: Gila-Gila has not been released in digital format at the time of this post)

The special bumper issue fresh off the press.

The special edition is expected to feature the history of this magazine and was supposed to hit shelves on April 1st 2018. It was launched on the same date a special forum at Muzium Negara.

I have checked with countless newsstands and bookshops and according to them, the latest issue has yet to be delivered. When I tried to message their official Facebook page, the message was read by the admin but no reply was provided. I’ve placed my order for it at a Popular branch near me. Will update the post with more details once I have a copy.

Note from Editor: We are happy to be back after a six-month hiatus. Expect more review and articles soon.

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