Growing up with Sheila Majid’s Music


I started listening to Sheila Majid in 1991 when Lagenda was released. The tribute to P.Ramlee was so amazing and is, to me, one of the best Malaysian albums to date.

There are two special memories I have when it comes to Sheila Majid and her music.

The first was around 1993/94. Her compilation album “Gemilang” had just been released and I had so badly wanted to get a copy of this cassette. Just around that time, my mother passed away from cancer. Our whole family went to Alor Setar (where the funeral took place) and we only came back to Kuala Lumpur after a month or so.

I remember that empty feeling when I walked in the house. Still traumatized by the events, I went straight to my room and there lying on my table was the Gemilang cassette!

My aunt knowing that I loved Sheila Majid’s music got me the album and left it on my table as a surprise hoping it will cheer me up. It did!

I listened to it every single day. My two favourites apart from the title track were “Aku Cinta Padamu” and her Roberta Flack medley. Even today, when I listen to this album, it brings back all the memories of my late mother.

Gemilng by Sheila Majid

The second special occasion was back in 2006/07. My wife-to-be, Zeenee took me to Planet Hollywood for a surprise dinner.

The big surprise?

It was a small live session with Sheila Majid! We got tables at the front and it just blew me away. I’d never had a chance to attend any of her concerts before. I have some video recordings of the sessions. Here is one of them. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I posted it on YouTube!

The night did not end with the concert. I had one more surprise from Zeenee.

She took me backstage to actually meet Sheila Majid! It was an out of the world experience meeting my childhood idol. Thankfully I recorded the session and uploaded this to YouTube, again 10 years ago!! The group photo we took is lost. (I had uploaded it to Friendster then)

Sheila Majid is one of those rare talented singers that come once in a lifetime. She has of course gone on to make more great music since 2006. If you have Spotify, do check out her music. Most of the albums are available there.

Since today is valentines day, I wanted to share the above story, because I experienced both those incidents out of someones love.

Happy Valentines Day Dear Zeenee and Aunty Shanti..

and..Sheila Majid 🙂

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