How Vedigundu Pasangge lied that they collected over RM1 million at the cinemas


by Simren Deep Kaur

So you actually thought they did not collect RM1 million and that’s why you clicked on the link to read this post right? Honestly, I don’t know myself if they raked up RM1 million, but what I do know is that I dragged my boyfriend to the theater and we had a great time. Have you ever drag someone to something they were not interested in, only to have their perception changed after? Every reaction of that person will matter to you and you will try to see if they have similar reactions to the moments as you! And sometimes they try to kawal macho as if they are not impressed!

The minute 10 underwear’s were equated with 10 days, the movie cracked him up into a series of laughs. We went on a weekday, for a midday show and the theater was half full. The movie was something we could relate to. We realized some of our friends possessed certain characteristics of the characters portrayed. When we sit down for a meal and if there is leftover from lunch, they would have it for themselves, while we enjoy the freshly cooked dinner. These are the little things that made the movie relatable. I don’t expect the community to change after this movie but it was obvious that every single person walked out happy. We can’t expect every Malaysian Indian film release to be of Jagat standard, however, some sort of relatibility and finesse is required. A good looking heroine is eye candy on screen, but not when it requires method acting to tell a real tale. Also, a fresh face would have taken the film up a notch. There isn’t any hate here and we are not trying to say that only a few could act here. Definitely not. Just that a little change wouldn’t have hurt; a little twist and turn would have been fun; selit a social message or moral value would’t be that bad. So looking at all this, Vedigundu Pasangge was a good treat, but clearly not Cannes award winning material.

It is rumored that many local directors, actors or actresses are not happy and at times question the validity of the performance. Why sweat it when you should rejoice? Look at the bright side. You couldn’t bring the crowd to the theaters but this movie did. So, lets keep the momentum going. One thing though, I would like to see more new talent headlining future projects. Dah boring asyik muka yang sama.

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Dear Vedigundu Pasangge team, I know there are haters out there, people who are unhappy that you are happy. But I loved the way how a husband and wife made it happen and trusted every single crew and cast. Because of your success, today they can not only proudly add your project to their profiles and résumé but they can happily eat a proper meal. Hope your crew is well rewarded and more doors open for you.

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