Karthick Naren makes his mark with Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru


This murder mystery is one of the better Tamil movies I have watched in recent times. Writer and director Karthick Naren has definitely made his mark in the Indian cinema industry with it.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (16 Extremes) centres around Deepak (Rahman), a police officer who retires, after an accident leaves him without a leg. A few years later, he gets a visit from a stranger, who then makes him narrate the case that led to his accident, the murder mystery.

Karthick does a great job in letting the story slowly piece itself together, leaving the audience attempting to “solve” the case on their own but to no avail. Unlike many murder mystery movies where everything becomes quite predictable, this movie is quite different. The plot unfolds nicely and there are no predictable scenes.

Rahman seems like the perfect fit for the character, Deepak. A very believable police inspector that seems to focus on the investigation and his work instead of bashing up villains, sending them flying and landing on some poor street vendors cart.

The rest of the cast is relatively new. Hats off to the director for making everyone seem professional. If you want to know how “newbies” usually turn out on the big screen, you may watch the extras in Kabali or maybe even Disha Patani in Kung-Fu Yoga.

Great news for all those who have been looking for a serious movie! No comedy scenes or mid-way dances and singing. You will not find Inspector Deepak suddenly breaking into a well-choreographed dance move alongside his constables.

If you are looking to unwind and relax though, this is not the movie for you. It’s cold and it will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is a first-class film and a must watch. If you enjoy watching any type of movie regardless of language, do catch this one. It’s also playing on Hero Talkies if you are a subscriber.

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