MAAYAVI by ADK & Sri Rascol (Rap Machines) ft. Rolex Rasathy & DEYO


This song was meant to be in appreciation of beauty in the form of Tamil women from all walks of life (supposedly).*

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MAAYAVI, released on 28th April 2018, is a single by Rap Machines (ADK & Sri Rascol). Produced by Rap Machines and DEYO, the music was composed by DEYO (courtesy of Kade Productions). Lyrics were written by ADK and Sri Rascol themselves. They provided the vocals for the rap and the chorus as well, featuring Rolex Rasathy for the female portions.

I will now break down this music video into three separate components, in the usual DIVA fashion. First, the audio content, secondly visual content and lastly the theme.

Audio; let me get straight to the point. For someone at Rap Machines’ level, a team which has time and time again collaborated with the Mozart of Madras himself, this song is like a step (no, make it three steps) back.

After releasing songs like Showkali, to go mellow now is almost suicidal. Rap to chorus ratio just does not make the cut. The score was good, it deserves all the credit. Especially the lady behind the veenai, it was inducing music. Kudos to DEYO as well for beautifully mixing and mastering this track. If only I could get my hands on a minus one track, this review would have been another thing altogether.

There is good reason for Athadi Enna Udambi by Ramar to garner more views than this music video. In terms of content quality, the music good, but the song is not up to Rap Machines standard.

Visual; the whole music video leaves a lot to be desired for, as it feels like a stock footage compilation of Tamil women. If you’ve got no time to be part of your own music video, you should opt for a lyrical video. Since the visual does not contain anything that could affect the flow of the song in any way, there is no point of me reviewing what seems like an exclusive stock footage. Good job to the team who managed to set up great angles to capture the essence of these beautiful Tamil women. There’s nothing much you guys could have done on your part.

*Note :  This song is suppose to sing praises to beautiful Tamil women, then why wasn’t there a single woman above 50 years of age featured? Aren’t they beautiful as well?

Theme; the one part of this song that has some how managed to stay on the right pages. The intention of coming up with a song as a tribute to Tamil women is applaudable. If only the song was on par with the beauty it is representing, this would have reached a wider range of audience. Not much to dwell on, as the theme was clear cut. No confusion there.

All in, this music video is like a rude awakening for a team flying high. I hope they treat this as a wake up call, to stick to what they do best, RAP. It’s clear there are good intentions, but when it comes to execution, there is a glaring quality gap between their previous output and this one. Forgettable effort, had the spirit but not the bite. Better luck next time Rap Machines.


Audio: 2/5

Visual: 2.25/5

Theme: 3/5

Overall: 2.5/5

Watch MAAYAVI – ADK SRI RASCOL | Roles Rasathy | Deyo here:


Executive Producer:



DEYO in Courtesy of Kade Productions

Written by:

ADK (Rap Verse / Main Chorus), Sri Rascol (Rap Verse)

Live Veenai:

Seshadri Varadarajan

Live Percussions:

DEYO at Kade Productions

Recording Engineer:

D’Shan in Courtesy of Rap Machines at BARS Studio

Vocals Performed by:

ADK SRIRASCOL featuring Rolex Rasathy

Additional Vocal Arrangements:

Rolex Rasathy

Mix / Master:

DEYO in Courtesy of Kade Productions

Published and Managed by:


Creative Team:

ADK / Jeevithan Jeev / Denojan

Publicity Designs:


Co-Direction and Editing:

Denojan in Courtesy of DDesign

Associate Co-Direction:

Jeevithan Jeev

Director of Photography:

Denojan in Courtesy of DDesign, Photon Image, D’Shan, Mac Visual, Jenson, Siva Prakash Photography, Nishanthan Studio 90




Released: 28th April 2018

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