Why is this movie banned in Malaysia? Can you watch it for free?


Absent Without Leave, directed by Lau Kek Huat, was banned in Malaysia due to the whole communist issue. The movie is set during the Communist Insurgency and recounts the stories of the Kek Huat’s grandfather during this period.

The movie competed in a couple of international film festivals and even won the Audience Choice Award at the Singapore International Film Festival but remains banned in our country.

Here is the trailer:

Quoting the producers on Facebook:

“It’s still forbidden to screen the film in Malaysian cinemas. So we decided to make the film available for free on Internet ― only for Malaysian audience ― in the week from February 28th to March 5th 2017,”

That’s right. All Malaysians will be able to watch the movie for FREE from the 28th of Feb to 5th of March 2017. The link will be provided on their Facebook Event page here.

The producers, HummingBird Productions, have received some overwhelming response since they announced about the ban and the free screening.

Here’s their latest update on Facebook:

Thanks everyone for you support. We have received many requests regarding donations for this film. We have considered this but have decided to keep this event completely free as a gift to Malaysian audiences. Shall you wish to support this film in particular, we will share with you other ways you can support us at the end of this event. In addition, we will soon start other campaigns and projects that will need your support, so please keep following us on HummingBird Production Facebook page, we have several exciting news ahead!

If you are keen to watch the movie, do follow the event page.

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