Painkiller by Havoc Brothers (REVIEW)


Havoc Brothers (Psycho.unit) and S.O.G Production Presents PAINKILLER

reviewed by #DivaReviews

MV Rating
Audio: 3.25/5
Visuals: 3.5/5
Theme: 3.25/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5

The song revolves around a man who seeks to avenge his girlfriend who was raped by a group of men.

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PAINKILLER, released on 7th October 2017, is a single by Havoc Mathan representing both Havoc Brothers and Psycho.unit. Despite being copyrighted under #PU4LYF Entertainment (Universal Music Malaysia), this single was produced by Santesh, content wise monitored entirely by Havoc Brothers and Praatib Bascaran. Whereas the Music Video (MV) itself was shoot by S.O.G Production. Quite a confusing line of production for a simple MV if you ask me.


Cutting to the chase by leaving out the business side of things, I will now break down this MV into three separate components, in absolute DIVA fashion. First, the audio content, secondly visual content and lastly the theme.

Audio is a typical Havoc Brothers template. Late 90s kids can all relate to one or two Havoc Brothers songs they grew up listening to during their secondary school years. How different is this song when compared to the songs from that pre-Psycho.unit era? Not much. Despite it being composed by Santesh, this song can be considered a glorified throwback. Am I disappointed with the outcome? Absolutely not! I love this song and had it on repeat for some time so it grew on me. Well when you have a song that can be categorized “tenji-ponna record”, how wrong can it be?


I am glad Havoc Mathan decided to drop their trademark opening verse — H A V O C MATHAN and NARAIN, Havoc Brothers! ah ONE TWO THREE. Hope I did not get it wrong but that line right there, well it used to annoy me real bad. It played hype to most of their cult favourite songs. Lyrics wise, depth is present. One can literally feel the pain the character faces throughout the song. Havoc Brothers thrive in showcasing these real life emotions felt by laymen every day. Without having to extravagate that feeling, this song did some justice to that emotion we all feel when we read stories on rape victims. It is evident that with the audio by itself, the message is sent loud and clear. Kudos to Mathan, also Santesh, for keeping the Havoc template alive and relevant through his lyrics.

Visual; MVs coming from Psycho.unit boys these days are literally a visual orgasm waiting to happen. Beautiful colour palettes, interesting angles, appropriate lighting, the list goes on. It will take a master technician to pin point their faults. As for a normal viewer, this MV is simply thrilling. Good on all levels. The way they ended the video, with the fire tailing behind the car as it leaves the culprits to burn away in the Gudang, is one hell of a masterpiece drone shot. Like I said absolute orgasmic shots. A huge round of applause to Praatib and team for its execution.

Theme; seeking to avenge a rape victim. The theme was not made clear until halfway through the song. The first half felt like the song, as in the audio, would be a runaway hit, leaving the MV to be desired for but as we hit the halfway mark, the theme becomes apparent. We start feeling what the protagonist feels. The way he behaves while trimming his hair summarizes the feeling in each and every one of us when we come across news of rape victims both locally and internationally. Very sensitive theme to start with but was indeed handled with much care, as the ending was what I was praying for. Torching the culprits alive will be something the law will never allow us to do but isn’t that what we exactly want these rapists to face? Points scored there would have been contradicted had only the protagonist decided to rape the girlfriend of one of the rapists. Which in multiple scenes, suggested he was about to. It never got beyond a few intimidating sniffs. End of the music video, we see him dropping off the girl at a bus stand with her stance on the incident open to audiences’ interpretations.

All in, this MV was an absolute package for Havoc Brothers die-hard fans. Mathan did very little to disappoint the targeted audience. For the rest of us who are looking for the kind of music that can remain relevant in another 20 years’ time, this MV is a little far-fetched to fulfil your requirements. Cult favourite? Absolutely! Masterpiece? Nope.

PainKiller Official Music Video
HavocBrothers // S.O.G Production
Tagline: Imagination & Fiction, doesn’t need to be logical.

Singer: Havoc Mathan
Lyrics by: Havoc Mathan
Music Produced by: Santesh Kumar
Veenai Session by: Mohana Priya
Mix and mastered at: PSYCHO.unit Playground
Story by: Havoc Brothers & Praatib Bascaran
Music Video by: S.O.G PRODUCTION


Released: Oct 7th, 2017
Views: 6 million
Likes: 62k
Dislikes: 3k
Comments: 5.3k


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