Silent Comics, Anyone?


Late last year, MatKomik (an online portal for Malaysian cartoonist’s) launched their yearly challenge, Cabaran Komik Online Malaysia. Participants were invited to submit a ten-page silent comic. Silent comic here refers to comics with no dialogue (with the exception of effects such as Swoosh, Pow etc). The theme was Hero / Adiwira / Penyelamat.

The outcome? Hero #1, Hero #2 and Cun#2. Three wonderful comics published by Komik-M (an established Malaysian comic publisher).

The collaboration between Komik-M and MatKomik has given opportunity for fresh to emerge in the local scene. Mat Komik has been around for sometime and provides a portal where users can submit and share their own comics. But having these comics in print and available at bookstores is a step up for these budding talents.

The silent comic challenge has created a series of comics that transcend the language barrier. You get wonderful comics that can be read by anyone! This is a wonderful move providing ample opportunity for these to be picked up by anyone.

An example of one of the pages. A drawing speaks a thousand words..

They are also affordably priced at RM7.90 each and can be purchased at most major bookstores as well as online at the PTS Online Store.

The only downside I feel is the fact that these comics are yet again hidden in many established bookstores. You’d have to go over to the teens / children comic section to actually find a copy. So if you can’t find them at your local bookshop, try to purchase it online.  Kudos to Komik-M and MatKomik and definitely looking forward to more such publications in the future.

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