Update #3 on Rehman Rashid’s Health

Photo Credit: The Star online

A lot of our readers have been asking on the latest updates on Rehman Rashid’s health. Here is the latest update from his brother, Rafique:

Greetings all. Sorry for the delay. Update on Rehman. He’s still in Selayang Hospital Ward 5D Bed 19. Three months and a week now. He’s awake and aware but still not responsive. He was picking up infections and on antibiotics but he’s clear now. His lungs are being suctioned regularly to allow them to absorb oxygen more efficiently. If he can breathe without the oxygen tube he can be transferred to PPUM (UH) in PJ for brain rehab.

He seems to enjoy watching youtube videos on his iPad with headphones

If you are a personal friend of Rehman Rashid and know his brother, you may send a short video to his brother via Whatsapp. The sight and sound of familiar faces might really help re-activate his brain.

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