Wishing Rehman Rashid a speedy recovery


It’s been almost two weeks since veteran journalist and author Rehman Rashid suffered a heart attack while cycling. He is currently being treated in Selayang Hospital and there has been no official updates on his condition. The only update was a comment on his Facebook on 31st January 2017

“Sejak sampai pukul 3:30pm tadi…he opened his mouth few times…maybe uncomfortable because lots of secretion/phlegm. HR and BP more stable. Tmrw, they plan to reduce d sedatives. Hope he will respon[d] well.”

If you are not familiar with Rehman Rashid, he is the author of several books: A Malaysian Journey, Pangkor: Treasure of the Straits, Small Town and Peninsula: A Story of Malaysia.

A Malaysian Journey is his best-selling and critically acclaimed work. Quoting a reviewer on Amazon:

A Malaysian Journey is the best general book on contemporary Malaysia available. It is a great read for anyone interested in Malaysia, whether you know a great deal about the country or very little.

You can pick up his books from Silverfish. We will definitely be posting reviews about his books in the near future.

We wish him a speedy recover and our prayers are with him and his family.

26th February 2017 – There is a newer update on Rehman Rashid’s Health Condition. Click here

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